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18 March 2016

We are a B Corporation!

Good news. Freerange Future is now a B Corporation. We’ve been steadily working towards this over the last six months and today we’ve finally received our accreditation!

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The word of mouth cycle - from mouth to ear to mouth to ear

3 December 2015

Nonprofit marketing must be an authentic conversation

In nonprofit marketing there are low hanging fruit. There are some people out there already aligned with your cause, people who are happy to donate to many worthy causes and plenty of people who’ll sign your petition.

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A thinking face surrounded by question marks

13 November 2015

5 questions to ask when determining your nonprofit’s core values.

Values are the fundamental beliefs of an organisation. They support your vision and culture and reflect what your organisation holds dear. Your values should be authentic, meaningful and lived but so many organisations create diluted and flippant values which go on to communicate just that: fluff.

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two characters - A pirate and a nurse

4 November 2015

Are your core values intrinsic values?

At Freerange Future, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about values. Core values are the guiding beliefs and principles of an organisation. They set the tone for strategy, relationships and decision making. When an organisation clearly defines its values then truly lives them, it can reach new heights. You can see our core values here.

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Nonprofit Mocial Sedia Boo-boos

25 August 2015

7 mistakes nonprofits make on Facebook

We believe that the fastest, easiest, and the most efficient way to take full advantage of your Facebook page is to learn from your mistakes. Learning from these nonprofit Facebook mistakes will help you grow your community and influence.

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Image of a medal surrounds by a laurel

19 August 2015

9 ways to nurture nonprofit brand champions

Brand champions within your community can magnify your message and help you to have influence far beyond your own reach. We’re not just talking about social media influencers who might retweet you. Brand champions are significantly more engaged and dedicated, organising fundraisers, mobilising their own networks and generally extending your influence beyond your own reach.

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