A blue character with 4 arrows for arms, pointing outwards and labelled 'NFP brand'. Two white arrows point inwards.

5 August 2015

Nonprofit branding makes all the difference

Of all organisations, nonprofits have the most to gain from brand building. An authentic brand embodies your values and mission. For nonprofits, connecting with their community through shared values is imperative.

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Two hands showing the heart line on the palm, with a heart icon.

20 July 2015

It’s time to be good…

It’s our birthday. Freerange Future is now nine years old. In previous years we'd throw a party. Not this time, too much to do.

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Create a face illustration - a circle as a base, with 3 options each for eyes, nose and mouth

22 June 2015

Why your nonprofit brand personality matters

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Illustration of a person parachuting, about to land on a marker.

10 June 2015

Effective landing page design

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Two people, on the left is a bright character wearing a collared shirt, and orange jumper and a smile. On the right is a person wearing a hard hat and jacket, has a bruised eye and an unhappy expression.

5 June 2015

Credibility – How to boost your website reputation

You dress smartly, you're knowledgeable and friendly. That’s great for business. What gives your website this sort of credibility?

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On the left; a diamond, on the right; a piece of carbon

22 May 2015

Writing for the web: living content is king!

What is quality content when writing for the web? Why it's living content, written for living things. You can satisfy both people and the SEO bots. Win-win!

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