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9 November 2022

Rebrand vs refresh; what is right for you?

A cohesive and compelling brand can make or break your company. Many successful companies evolve with the time, tweaking their brand for different reasons and adjusting to an ever-changing market. And yes, your product has to be solid and you have to be good at what you do, but without that initial oooooh you can easily be forgettable. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all eat with our eyes first. After we are visually pleased, we can go on to devour all the other elements, but that first look sets the mood.

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A sketch of tiny people lifting up a giant stylised heart

7 October 2022

On Wholeheartedness

Seven years ago we published It’s time to be good…, Freerange Future’s pledge to use our expertise to ‘help those doing good become great’. It quickly led to two significant questions – how do we decide what’s good, and how can we be (more) good ourselves?

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18 May 2022

Happy Volunteers Week!

It's National Volunteers Week, a week to celebrate all the wonderful work that volunteers do to make the world better for everyone! We asked three Freerangers to share their favourite volunteering stories.

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Accessibility checklist illustration

17 May 2022

Accessibility foundations PART 3: the ultimate content guide

So you’ve just been handed over your brand-spanking new website, boasting a highly accessible design that meets AA or even AAA standards and supports all kinds of users. Well done you! You’re helping so many people with disabilities be able to access your information.

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Accessibility foundation blog image

19 October 2021

Accessibility foundations PART 2: what are web accessibility guidelines?

Perhaps you’ve already heard WCAG standards been talked about in relation to your website? For us here at Freerange, we hold accessibility in high regard and follow the globally shared standard for web content accessibility very closely.

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Statistic - just over half of Australians aged 65 and over live with a disability

8 July 2021

Accessibility foundations PART 1: what is accessibility and why is it important?

The complexities of accessibility can be daunting. But think about how daunting it could be for someone with a disability who is trying to find information on your website. There are many different components to understand and consider when creating a design that allows users with a disability to access your information with ease. Let’s break down accessibility and the standards to aspire to.

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