It’s our birthday. Freerange Future is now nine years old. In previous years we’d throw a party. Not this time, too much to do.

We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching this year, asking who we are, what we stand for, where we’re going. Those weren’t easy questions to answer at first. We’ve been so busy working that we hadn’t thought that deeply for a long time.


After a while, and all of a sudden, things became quite clear. We’ve done a lot of work over the years with people doing good. Charities, non profits, social enterprises, arts organisations, community groups and more. We came together because we shared intrinsic values. We helped them make a difference. It was always a rewarding experience for us.

We recognised that if we focus deeply on building expertise in this sector, we can offer  invaluable, transformative value to our clients. So that is what we’re going do. Happy rebirthday!

Today, we’re making a commitment. We are now a Digital Agency For Good. Henceforth we choose to work exclusively with those whose goal is to do good, or whose work improves the lives of people or society as a whole. We will use all of our energy and expertise to help those people achieve their goals.

We already have a lot to offer. Our digital, brand and marketing expertise enriches our clients work. As we grow into our renewed mission, we’re developing deeper and richer expertise in the nonprofit sector, in fundraising, advocacy, volunteering, etc, so that we can help those doing good, become great.

In the coming months you will see innovation and new initiatives from us, including a series of workshops for non profits, a program to help new and growing organisations prosper, as well as some good projects of our own.

We’re deeply excited about the future and that we’re going to play an active role in shaping it for the better. It’s time to make a difference.

Topics: Nonprofit