Steps to fundraising campaign success graphic

24 April 2018

Steps to fundraising campaign success

This article is the fourth instalment of the fundraising ebook series. You can read our previous blogs here:

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Two hearts on a yellow background

13 March 2018

How do donors choose the charities to give to?

This article is the second instalment of the fundraising ebook series. You can read our previous blogs here.

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Shapes - a crescent moon and a heart

15 February 2018

The 2018 fundraising check-in

This article is the first instalment of our fundraising series. Welcome! We’ve also written an ebook that will help you achieve fundraising brilliance.

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A burger on a desk, with a flag in the burger with a burger menu icon

1 March 2017

You had me at About. 10 tips for a compelling cause website navigation

The perfect navigation doesn’t exi… Actually, if you follow these navigation tips, your cause driven website will be well on the way to having the perfect navigation.

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KIO mapped to a diagram of a page with content

20 September 2016

The KIO Content Model for Cause Websites

When it comes to deciding what content to put into your website it helps to consider the KIO content model. This way of thinking about content groups all content into three buckets; Knowledge, Information and Offer.

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Two user journeys plotted on a timeline from unhappy to understanding

12 September 2016

User Journeys in Cause Websites

Not everyone who visits your website or sits in your database is ready to donate, become a member, buy or take the other actions that you want them to do. Your user personas should take this into account, incorporating a theory of what they need to experience in order to take action. You can consider the steps people take from first landing on your website to ultimately taking that action as a journey.

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