Great Foundations in Fundraising ebook

Are you ready to ramp up your fundraising efforts?

Times are challenging for nonprofits in Australia.

In this ebook, we explore the thoughts, ideas and psychology around what motivates people to give and how to plan and execute an effective fundraising strategy. We hope it helps you to ramp up your fundraising efforts and make better fundraising decisions.

This fundraising strategy ebook is great for:

  • People interested in getting started with fundraising
  • Nonprofits looking for fundraising ideas
  • Nonprofits that want to grow their charity donation base

What you’ll learn about fundraising:

  • The state of fundraising
  • Why people give
  • How people choose nonprofits to donate to
  • Developing fundraising plans and strategies
  • The art of a balanced portfolio
  • Crafting brilliant appeals

We hope you find it helpful in further developing your fundraising strategy!

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