Our mission

To enable positive change in the world that strengthens communities and encourages human connection.

We believe smart, effective, creative solutions start with truly understanding your cause and taking a holistic perspective.

We lead with empathy as a trusted guide in engaging with organisations and communities – illuminating insights that inform creativity, then impact.

By working in our inclusive way we are able to design solutions that meet complex requirements, support organisational purpose and resonate with a wide range of stakeholders.

Our core values

As both an organisation and a group of like-minded people our values are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Cultivate excellent value card

    Cultivate excellence

    We grow and learn.
    We take the time to get it right.
    We help each other.
    We innovate, then we refine.
    We make and follow process.

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  • Make tomorrow better value card

    Make tomorrow better

    Next value - Make strong connection
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  • Make strong connections value card

    Make strong connections

    We nurture positive relationships.
    We act with integrity.
    We create things that bring people together.
    We’re part of many communities.
    We make a difference.

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  • Own what you do value card

    Own what you do

    We always do our best.
    We’re proud of our work.
    We’re entrepreneurial.
    We take responsibility for our actions.

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  • Create thoughtfully value card

    Create thoughtfully

    We’re all creative.
    We think before we act.
    We put our hearts into our work.
    We’re unconventional.
    We endeavour to be simple.

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  • Have fun value card

    Have fun

    We celebrate achievement.
    We appreciate the little things.
    We value each other and have a laugh.
    We’re light hearted.
    We make other people happy.

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Eco Footprint

The environmental benefits attached to WFH

Save energy

It goes without saying, you’re always more conscious of your power and gas consumption when the bill is coming out of your own pocket. Without the need to regulate office temperatures and use excessive electricity outputs, we can see consumption reduce almost by half, according to Sun Microsystems study.

Reduce food 
& plastic waste

With the pantry and fridge only steps away, and coffee available by the pot, we can see the temptation of takeaway food & drinks diminish. Single-use products such as cups, cutlery, containers, cling wrap, plastic bags, sauce sachets and cutlery are replaced with your reusable dishes - just make sure you wash them in eco-friendly products ;)

Less travel, less emissions

Removing the commute to and from work each day reduces fuel usage, reduces air pollution, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Global Workforce Analytics, estimates that working from home half the week can reduce emissions by 54 million tons every year.

Leaf shape

The Freerange team

We’re a group of nice people who like working with other nice people to make positive change.

  • “Working with Freerange Future is an absolute joy. More than simply an agency, we value them as branding collaborators and friends of the company.”

    Erica Heller-Wagner
    Polyglot Theatre

We helped to create an online inclusive national arts directory