Making the arts accessible to all Australians.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has been transformative for Australia but it can be challenging for people to navigate the opportunities that are available to them in this brave new consumer directed world. Arts Access Victoria were empowered by state and federal governments to help address this challenge in the arts space – so that deaf and disabled people can better engage with arts and culture, whether as career artists or for their own pleasure and wellbeing.

Arts Access Victoria reached out to Freerange because of our track record working with both the arts and web accessibility. We collaborated closely to design and develop a highly accessible multi-user web portal, where arts organisations and NDIS providers around Australia can promote their arts opportunities, workshops, events, and training for deaf and disabled people.

The Choose Art name and brand were created to embody the excitement and diversity of an arts-rich lifestyle. That excitement has been infectious, with dozens of promoters signing up in the first week and thousands of people finding new arts opportunities.