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24 November 2017

What is the value of values?

In light of Australia's recent overwhelmingly sensible and caring response to the same-sex marriage survey, we've re-recorded a talk Nick gave at the Global Collaboration Conference in Adelaide back in early October.

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9 November 2017

Oh look, we do events now

One reason we’ve moved to this spacious new studio is so that we can engage with and support our community in fun and valuable new ways. With that intention, today we’re launching Freerange Events. 

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23 October 2017

We have moved to Beyond Bank!

You may have heard that last week we moved into a wonderful new studio. We’ve made another exciting move last week – we’ve changed banks. We’re now very happy to be a customer of Beyond Bank, an organisation that shares our values and, like Freerange, is a certified B Corporation.

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Artist's palette

4 October 2017

The art of social media

Social media is no longer just a tool used to promote and secure ticket sales. The arts and culture community is shifting their uses of social media from online promotion to cultivating ideas and generating conversation. From curating photo galleries on Instagram to marketing campaign gamification, social media is rapidly evolving the way arts organisations engage and stimulate discussions with their audiences.

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Highlight of 'Goals' in Google Analytics UI

18 July 2017

Do you really know which marketing channels are powering your website?

Let me tell you about one of my favourite reports in Google Analytics, the channels report.

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19 June 2017

Activate your analytics

Google analytics is an excellent tool for cause and cultural marketers. Reviewing insights regularly can help you to improve your online presence and even inform your broader marketing strategy.

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