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Nonprofit marketing must be an authentic conversation

3 December 2015

Nick Crowther

In nonprofit marketing there are low hanging fruit. There are some people out there already aligned with your cause, people who are happy to donate to many worthy causes and plenty of people who’ll sign your petition.

Authentic conversations

If you want to grow your nonprofit (you do want to do more work, be more effective and help more people right?) then you’re going to have to do a lot more than survive on low hanging fruit. The relationship between an individual and a nonprofit cause is a very personal one and like all authentic relationships it needs to be nurtured.

When two people connect for the first time, there is a process of getting to know one another: coming to understand each others motivations, values and character. It is much the same when nonprofits engage with people. You need to have an authentic conversation, one that may take months, before you really connect and this isn’t just you talking at people, you need to listen and engage.

This kind of connection is traditionally reserved for the top end of town, those who may become major donors or brand champions. For good reason, as it takes considerable time and effort to nurture authentic relationships.

But as with all things, technology is changing the way NFPs connect with their communities. New marketing tools and techniques that support nonprofits in nurturing strong relationships are significantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisations that are embracing them.

We’ve created an eBook that will provide you with key insights and techniques for implementing a marketing strategy that can help you grow your nonprofit significantly.

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