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7 mistakes nonprofits make on Facebook

25 August 2015

Nick Crowther

We believe that the fastest, easiest, and the most efficient way to take full advantage of your Facebook page is to learn from your mistakes. Learning from these nonprofit Facebook mistakes will help you grow your community and influence.


1. Running a race without a vision or plan

It is vital that you go into social media with a clear strategy. A solid strategy will address your goals and give you clear direction on how to achieve them. A good place to start is to determine the purpose of your Facebook page. Your page can be beneficial to your organisation as a tool that develop and build relationships. You can use your page to share news about the change you bring in your community or for your cause.

2. Not understanding the importance of community building

Facebook is much more than a one-way conversation, it’s about your engagement with your audience. Facebook is about relationships and real-life conversations and listening is as important as speaking. You can learn a lot from listening as this helps you to understand your community better. Use these conversations to your advantage as they can be a valuable inspiration for content to share with your audience.

3. Posting irrelevant content

Make sure that you push out content to your fans that is interesting and relevant to your cause. Too many organisations spend the majority of their time on social media promoting their recent work and initiatives, pushing out too much content without contributing to the conversation. Find the right balance that will resonate with your audience. Make use of storytelling, include pictures or videos, start a poll or ask them a question.

4. Not following a content schedule

A content schedule will help you organise the way you create content. If you’re trying to save time, a content calendar is really helpful by helping you allocate your resources wisely. The calendar helps you to stay consistent with your publishing, keeping you on track.

5. Not promoting your Facebook page

The easiest way to promote your Facebook page is to add icon links and like buttons on your nonprofit’s website. You can also embed Posts and Activity Feeds on your organisation’s website. Drive your audience to your Facebook page by adding a link to your Enewsletter or blog post.

6. Not taking Facebook advertising in consideration

Facebook ads can be an affordable way to quickly expand your audience. By promoting your posts, you can easily increase their reach. When creating an ad campaign for your nonprofit, ensure your ads are optimised for increased engagement such as page likes, clicks to your website or website conversions. The most important part of your ad campaign is your target audience. You can set up different target audiences for your different personas. Be specific and choose your target interests and demographics carefully. By focussing your ads on your personas, you can effectively reach people who may become a good advocate for your organisation.

7. Not using your Facebook Page Insights to your advantage

Facebook’s Page Insights help you analyse the effectiveness of your ads and posts. Here you can learn more about your audience, what they like and dislike. Always analyse your posts performance and adjust it to increase the type of posts that perform well. Use the insights you gather from your ads and change it to increase performance.

By making these slight changes to your page, you can avoid these common mistakes nonprofits make on Facebook and easily take your page to the next level. At Freerange Future, we can give you expert advice to building your organisations integrated brand. We’re a digital agency for good and use digital, brand and marketing innovation to help those doing good, become great. Download our eBook to learn more about nonprofit branding today.


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