Looking down a a stairwell with lots of plumbing

17 February 2014

Why your inaccessible website is like the HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast is one of the largest and most powerful light cruisers ever built. After being retired in 1963 the Belfast is now permanently docked in the middle of London, and acts as a museum. Last year we spent a day exploring the Belfast, climbing up its tight ladders and ducking under the overhead beams, and as we did so an analogy came to me. This ship is a grand example of an inaccessible website come to life, and a great case for making accessibility a goal regardless of your organisation's current priorities.

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Dinosaur skeleton in a museum

11 February 2014

Natural History Museum sets the bar high

At this point, I feel it is safe to say that the Natural History Museum (NHM) in London is the benchmark for museums aiming to engage and educate. Whether in the building via touch screen displays or at home playing on mobile devices or watching TV specials, they are hitting all of the targets.

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Elvis Presley photograph with overlaid illustrations of a large horseshoe moustache, cowboy hat and wheat frond.

9 December 2013

Honky New Year’s Hoedown Eve at the Wheatsheaf Hotel

What more splendid way than to thrust your way into 2014 (with one's pelvis) than at the monumental Wheatsheaf Hotel.

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Loaded fries with a small flag proclaiming 'Street eats!'

6 December 2013

Adelaide Street Eats App Launched!

The City of Adelaide is home to many amazing food trucks, caravans, carts, bikes and other mobile food vendors. You'll never miss your favourite bite again with ADELAIDE STREET EATS by Freerange Future in your pocket.

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A red carpet leading to a stage in a theatre, people are sitting on either side. The South Australia logo is displayed on large banners on stage.

21 November 2013

SA Tourism Awards – A time to shine

The SA Tourism Awards (South Australian Tourism Awards) honours the best tourism operators in SA. We’re proud to have an ongoing relationship with the SA Tourism Industry Council, the outfit behind the awards. Freerange worked with the team at SATIC in rebranding the awards, with a mission to reflect the importance of the event and the high standard of quality that the winners represent.

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Lots of sculptures of people, many holding a hand to their chest and looking upwards

6 November 2013

A Survey of Interactive Museums of the UK

Museums around the world are embracing interactive technologies to help communicate content and educate visitors. Rather than replacing the need for physical collections, these technologies are being used to enhance collections and offer a broader range of information.

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