Welcome to our new blog and the first post of our new Inbound Marketing practice. Freerange Future have always been known for our strong design aesthetic, digital innovation and strategy.

Now we’re completely embracing a field that’s previously been the unsung hero in our suite of services: marketing. Inbound marketing to be precise. Inbound is a sophisticated approach to marketing on the web. It integrates a lot of different tools and tactics but is based on two underlying concepts:

  • Rather than struggle to be the number one on google for the main search term in your industry, you should chase many more specific and less competitive search phrases and concepts instead. This is far more achievable and can add up to as much if not more quality traffic over time.
  • Giving away content and knowledge in return for someone’s contact details (known as a content offer) is a win-win way to start a marketing and sales relationship with people.

The world’s leading Inbound Marketing platform is Hubspot. This is what we’ve selected for our own marketing and we are becoming Hubspot experts so that we can offer it as a service to our clients. We’re currently Hubspot Resellers and are busy working through our Hubspot Partner Certification, an extremely thorough training program that focuses on both theory and practical use of tools. Within weeks we’ll be certified but if you’re interested in discussing Hubspot or Inbound Marketing with us now, we’d love to talk further.

In the ‘give to get’ spirit of inbound, we’ve created an eBook that catalogues everything a successful website needs in 2015. It includes info on Inbound but a lot more besides. You can download it here…

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