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Totem Poll is presented within Come Out Children’s Festival 2015.

2 February 2015

Nick Crowther

Proudly, today, we launched a self initiated project, supported by Come Out Children’s festival 2015 — Totem Poll.

Totem Poll Launched! Presented within Come Out Children's Festival 2015.

Totem Poll is a digital experience available only through South Australian schools. Children can ‘take the totem’ in their school classes with a desktop computer or a tablet.

The essence of the project is for young people to embark on nine small journeys where they respond to a series of prompts asking them to examine who they truly are. They acknowledge the qualities and strengths they hold within, and use these assets to create a graphic representation of themselves. This then becomes a resource for the future. They can see their totem and call upon it in times when a decision needs to be made or call upon their identified strengths in times of challenge.

We’ve been working on this project with great diligence since the beginning of last year, so it is live with great celebration.

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