So you’ve just been handed over your brand-spanking new website, boasting a highly accessible design that meets AA or even AAA standards and supports all kinds of users. Well done you! You’re helping so many people with disabilities be able to access your information.

Accessibility checklist illustration

But your design agency can only take you so far with accessibility before handing it over to you to add your content. And it’s often when a website gets passed on for client content input, that details can start getting missed that can heavily impact the performance of the site.

Have you added alt tags to all your images? Are your downloadable PDF’s or Word Docs accessible? Do your videos have captions and audio transcripts? Have you selected the right text colour over the right background colours for appropriate colour contrast? There’s a lot to think about if you want to maintain that accessibility rating.

Luckily, we’ve decided to share a little cheat sheet to guide you through what you should be thinking about for different types of content you are adding.

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