Storytelling is a fundamental part of the human experience. We’re told stories from a very early age and like to share them right up until the end. Stories cross cultures and generations. They enable us to share our most intimate experiences and hard learned lessons.


Stories are the most powerful way we know to connect with other people. For this reason, stories can be an extremely effective tool for nonprofit organisations, helping you to engage your community with highly personal and powerful effect. Nonprofit Storytelling can facilitate your campaigning, volunteering, lobbying and membership efforts.

Storytelling for non profits is a thing that Freerange Future has done for many years in many forms and we’re working with more and more nonprofits to empower them to tell stories effectively.

We’re so passionate about doing this that we’ve created a webinar, to which we’re inviting anyone from a nonprofit to attend, at no cost. In the live webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why storytelling is so vital for nonprofits
  • How to tell stories that inspire and influence
  • How to make strong connections through stories
  • What not to do when telling a story

If you work in a nonprofit that is interested in storytelling, we’d love you to attend.

Storytelling for nonprofits - The art of human connections

Topics: Marketing, Nonprofit, Storytelling