Over the last decade we’ve created lots and lots of websites for purpose driven organisations including charities, social enterprises, non profits, CSR programs and community engagement within government.

As our approach to web development has matured, we’ve developed an approach to conceptualising, planning and implementing cause driven website projects that we call the Pyramid Approach. A complete view of a website from brand and strategy, through the interface design and content we normally think of as a website, right through to infrastructure and ongoing improvement, the Pyramid Approach has been structured to increase and sustain the online brilliance of cause driven organisations.

The Cause Driven Website eBook cover image, two stylised pyramids with the sun above

Today, we’re publishing an eBook that discusses the Pyramid Approach in some detail. It’s called The Complete Cause Driven Website and we’re sharing it with the community for free, under a creative commons license. We believe that there is great value for the community in this eBook. If you use the Pyramid Approach when you’re creating your new website, or to improve your existing site, you’ll see immediate benefits and your ability to grow your community and advance your cause will improve considerably.

It’s a fairly succinct book, about 40 pages full of insights and pro tips. It could probably be about 200 pages but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Maybe we’ll expand on it in the future.

Download and read it. Tell us what insights most stand out to you. If you disagree with anything, let us know. If we missed something important let us know. If you love it please send that love our way!

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Topics: Digital, Nonprofit