The B Corp assessment is a rigorous process, in a good way. It invites you to examine your business and it’s impact – both positive and negative – from every angle. The Impact assessment looks at Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. Having been through this process twice now, we’ve  had the opportunity to uncover areas for improvement and implement new ways of doing things, here are just a few examples.


We changed Banks

We moved away from a Big 4 bank two years ago now and haven’t looked back! Beyond Bank, a fellow B Corp, are member-owned and strong supporters of the local community. Plus they’re really nice people – always a bonus.


We reviewed our suppliers

Going through the Impact assessment, we realised we could be more conscious in our procurement. We now have a better framework in place for assessing potential suppliers, to ensure their values align with ours. Some of the other excellent B Corps you’ll find around the office are…

Who Gives a Crap 

Method Home

Pablo & Rusty’s coffee

Pukka Tea

Keep Cup

Alter Eco Chocolates

We also use a local social enterprise, KIK Clean, for our office cleaning. They’re a social enterprise on a mission to end youth unemployment through enterprise.


We implemented a new recycling system

We ordered bins from EcoBin and now have our full suite of recyclables, including soft plastics. Our 10c bottles and cans are collected by our neighbours, Youth Inc, with funds going towards their excellent programs for young people. Win win!


We created new resources

Last year, we began a campaign around digital accessibility, to help organisations understand why it’s important and how to improve their digital presence to be more inclusive. As part of this, we developed a free ebook ‘The Internet is for Everyone‘ that unpacks what accessibility means when it comes to the internet, what WCAG guidelines are and a number of ways to improve user experience for people with a disability. This was so well received, we followed it up by developing our very own website auditing tool.


We’re keen to improve our score again at our next Impact Assessment – we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Happy B Corp Month!

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