Today we take another big step on the Freerange Future journey.


Almost two years ago we made this promise:

“We are now a Digital Agency For Good. We choose to work exclusively with those whose goal is to do good, or whose work improves the lives of people or society as a whole. We will use all of our energy and expertise to help those people achieve their goals.”

Somewhat grandiose but sincere and the best (goodest) decision we ever made. We’ve worked with some amazing clients over the last two years and helped them work towards their missions of tremendous significance.

Along the way as we’ve learnt and grown, our core has evolved. Freerange Future has become more caring, gentle and thoughtful. That shift has been clear in our brand voice and our marketing but our logo had stubbornly remained the same: aloof, pointy and masculine.

freerangefuture.svgSo long cold hard logo… say namaste to the new Freerange Future brand identity.

Our new icon, connected in the considered beauty of a ligature, embodies our brand characteristics through a subtly anthropomorphised pair of Fs. The first F symbolises a strong caring Freerange, tenderly supporting the second F as it faces the world.

The new illustration style is inspired by the work of Henri Matisse. These shapes are cut from paper with real hands and real scissors, a homage to the perfect imperfection of humans. This style contains energy and warmth and invites an abstract lens into communication – an opportunity to express our brand through emotion, shape and colour.

We also have a new tagline. We’ve outgrown our label of Digital Agency for Good. We’re more than a digital agency. We use our digital, brand and marketing expertise to help our clients with a diverse range of needs: campaigns, fundraising, community building, audience building and more.

What does it mean to work for good? It’s certainly a bit vague. Two years ago we weren’t really sure but it sounded noble. In our own journey of becoming a B Corporation and going deep into Good, we’ve determined that for us working for good means supporting the advancements of progressive causes and enriching our culture.

So today we’re recommitting: We create for cause and culture.

Please have a look around our website and explore the new Freerange Future brand identity. We’d love to know what you think of it.

Topics: Brand