In digital marketing, when we talk about landing pages we don’t just mean any page where people might ‘land’ on your site. Landing pages include a form and their sole purpose is to convert visitors into leads. That’s why they’re also known as ‘lead capture pages’. You will have seen hundreds of these online but you probably only share your contact details with a select few. What makes these pages effective?

A lead capture page is usually much simpler than the rest of a website. Often it doesn’t even have navigation. The thinking behind this is anything that might distract the visitor will reduce the effectiveness of the page. Links to other pages, even to social media are discouraged.

An effective landing page design consists of:

  • a catchy headline, often with a subheading that is a strong call to action
  • a brief pitch as to why visitors should share their contact details
  • at least one enriching image
  • optional credibility indicators such as testimonials or security badges
  • and most importantly, a form to capture information.

The content offer

Contact forms and ‘request a quote’ are not very effective. The best landing pages work because they offer something to the visitor, something of equal or greater value than sharing their contact details. Effective design and a compelling content offer turn your website into a lead generating machine.

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