To be a B Corp is to be part of a social movement that challenges organisations to question the impact of their strategies and processes. It’s about creating a business that is focused on much more than the bottom line.


There is increasing awareness in the community of the upsides when performing meaningful practices at work. Today, more people are assessing businesses by their social and community impact. Along with many other millennials in the workforce, I think that businesses should make meaningful contributions to society and embrace doing good work.

Here are five benefits of being a B Corporation.

1. B Corp attracts talent

The demand for inclusive and sustainable workplaces is rising tremendously. People want more than just a paycheck and there is high demand among the younger workforce for real work/life balance. If a business offers the opportunity to let people be the best versions of themselves, it is bound to attract and retain a talented bunch of people.

2. B Corps embrace sustainability, not only in the workplace but also working through the threads of our social and environmental practices.

Working in a B Corp encourages you to think proactively about the impact you make in your workplace. Unlike unscrupulous organisations that only want to make money, you get to work with many like-minded people who have strong intentions to make a positive impact at work. The best bit? You are acknowledged for your proactive contributions!

3. B Corp is a global movement

There are more than 2,300 B Corps representing 130 industries across 50 countries. As a globalised movement, it redefines the meaning of success in doing business. Australia and New Zealand is home to 150+ B Corps like Dumbo Feather, KeepCup and Hub Australia. By becoming a B you’re joining a community of people who genuinely have a passion for driving their mission and impact.

4. The B certification is clear about the purpose we aim to achieve

Instead of using vague terms like ‘socially responsible citizen’ and ‘going green’, the B Corp certification uses a concrete measuring system that is transparent and relevant. The points-based system is used to assess your organisation’s engagements with the local community, employee treatment, environmental impact, social impact and governance.

5. Being a B lets you decide what’s best for the world

In the most constructive way possible. By declaring you’re a B Corporation, it gives you power to determine the change you want to see in the world. It makes it clear to your stakeholders about where your organisational values align and how you could set change in motion. Because of all the rigorous standards you have to pass to attain certification, it sets the benchmark for how an organisation needs to be run.

You can find out more about becoming a B Corp and explore the tools to measure your organisation’s sustainability and environmental impact here.

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