A successful brand is more than just a logo design. It doesn’t materialise from an expensive design project. It is the result of building alignment and understanding throughout your organisation so that your brand is used, lived and championed.

Freerange Future has been crafting brilliant brands for 12 years. We specialise in developing brand identities for organisations dedicated to cause and culture: purpose driven businesses, not for profits, charities, social enterprises and the arts. We put brand and values at the heart of all our work.

Branding Services we offer include:

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand alignment and capacity building
  • Brand application across all touchpoints
  • Identity design for new brands
  • Naming and taglines
  • Organisational branding
  • Place branding
  • Rebranding and repositioning
  • Style guides
Adelaide Dance Festival program cover - a bright orange rectangular booklet with the logo in black and white

The Adelaide Dance Festival visually screamed to mark it’s inaugural year.

This is how we rolled it out

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