Two Way Street photography

Two Way Street approached Freerange Future in 2020 to help redevelop their website and add an eCommerce component. This significant South Australian business provides services for both children and adults with a particular focus on intervention for people with complex communication needs. They have developed a large collection of online learning resources for clients and speech pathologists so this was an important focus for their new website.

During the initial Explore phase we identified a need to refresh the brand so that the quality of design and communications across the organisation would be on par with the new website. We kept all elements of the previous logo, updating the typeface, and simplified their tree icon to a modern and clean graphic. We adjusted the blue to be a stronger more vibrant hue and developed a suite of complementary colours they could use online and in their internal resources.

With the website we integrated and consolidated their blog, workshops, online courses, resources and products in one location that offers far easier user experience for their audience. Accessibility was of course really important for Two Way Street so we made sure all aspects of the site are AA compliant.

Two Way Street logo before and after Two Way Street website mockup