A Journey of Renewal

Courage & Renewal homepage mockup

The challenge

Center for Courage & Renewal is a global leadership and education institution based in the USA. They exist to nurture the powers of human authenticity, generosity and courage in ourselves and our communities.

Founded by the writer Parker J. Palmer and built upon his work, Courage & Renewal had recently developed a new strategic plan and visual identity. They were ready for a new website that could become the heart of their vision for a collaborative global community.

Having been inspired by the work of Parker J. Palmer prior to connecting with Courage & Renewal, it was tremendously exciting to have the opportunity to work with them and we stepped into this project wholeheartedly.

We could not have asked for better partners to help bring the vision for our website to life. The Freerange Future team has approached all of our work together with a spirit of listening and understanding, creativity, and flexibility; not to mention, they're just a really fun group to work with.

Beyond our working relationship, they've helped bring our mission to life visually and experientially in ways that inspire our community to learn more about our work, get involved, and take action. In short, Freerange builds things that work, they're delightful to work with, and we're grateful for their partnership.

The team at Center for Courage & Renewal