Nature Festival logo

Nature Fest was a newly formed festival in 2020. After such an eventful year, a global pandemic, lockdowns, zoom in your pjs, mountains of sourdough, it felt like the perfect escape to be outside in nature. Freerange worked with Nature Festival on their branding suite, including a new logo, colour suite, shapes, photography guidance and marketing campaign.

We found literal representation of nature – trees, flowers etc – did not speak to the extraordinary diversity of South Australia’s ecosystems. Our solution was a suite of abstract shapes. These can be seen as sky, ocean, hills and rocks depending on the colours that are applied. There are so many combinations that can express the diversity of the South Australian landscape.

To market the campaign in it’s first year, we used the colourful shapes and connected them to local landmarks with simple catch phrases such as ‘listen for birdsong in Burnside’ and ‘watch the waves in Semaphore’ to get a sense of nature in your backyard. The media placement was strategically positioned around the city to maximise the reach and connect with these local references.

In its first year, Nature Festival had 183 events, and over 8,000 attendees. The team has secured funding for 2021 and hopes to grow the festival with more events and exciting new experiences. We can’t wait to help again and get back into nature.

Nature Festival posters mockup Nature Festival t-shirt mockup Nature Festival bus shelter mockup Nature Festival ads mockup