Sharing Korean food and culture, starting with handmade organic kimchis.

Minka Park was born into a Korean foodie family – always helping her mum in the kitchen making kimchi, mandoo dumplings and countless other Korean delicacies. After migrating to Australia and starting a family of her own, she began to revisit those dishes from her childhood. Her desire to share her food and culture with her daughter and her friends grew into a mission to share the best and healthiest of Korean food with all Australians. And so Kimchi Club was born.

Just as Kimchi Club products are tailored for Australian palettes, so the Kimchi Club brand that we created for Minka is from a traditional Korean style. This brand is bold, clean, fun with simple illustrations and cheeky messaging.

We’ve created packaging and website for Kimchi Club as well as provided marketing strategy and support. Kimchi Club was recently shortlisted in the SA Food Awards Top 20 Consumer Award and the Emerging Business Award, just as they start to expand nationally. Amazing progress for this start up food business dedicated to sharing culture.

The brand that Freerange has created for Kimchi Club, and all the design that goes with it, has been vital for us to quickly become established as one of Australia’s most exciting new food companies. They’re creative, thoughtful and always excellent to work with.

Minka Park, Founder & Managing Director
Kimchi Club business cards