How we do it

We hold an initial workshop where we learn about the origins of the website, any areas of concern as well as your overarching website, marketing and business goals.

We then review your Google Analytics data to understand how your website is performing in alignment with those goals, as well as looking at demographics, on-site behaviour and content performance. Our digital and user experience designer will then review the overall experience, navigation and design elements. At the same time, our developer will review the performance and technical side of the website, including how the site can be optimised for SEO.

What you get

A report that reviews and makes recommendations for ways to optimise your website, including:

  • An overview of how users are interacting with your website
  • User experience and navigation
  • Visual design
  • Content
  • Technical performance and SEO
  • Future functionality and content

A two hour consultation to discuss the report and any questions that you have

$3,000 + GST

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