This audit report is a great resource for anyone wanting to verify or improve their website accessibility.

The Freerange Web Accessibility Audit is a thorough and detailed review of your website’s accessibility. Based on the practical experience of many years designing and developing accessible websites, our user experience team look at accessibility through a human lens, thoroughly reviewing your site and providing actionable ways for you to improve.

The audit is ideal for:

  • Benchmarking your website’s accessibility
  • Developing an action plan to remediate accessibility issues
  • Making a business case to redevelop your website
  • Verifying the accessibility of a new website

What’s involved?

Much more thorough than automated accessibility testing, our team apply a 50+ point review framework to analyse your website including its design, content, way-finding, language, images, interactive content, form design and error tolerance.

The audit report created for your website will highlight where your website is doing accessibility right and explain in simple terms any accessibility issues identified, their potential impact and offer suggestions to get your team on the path to addressing these issues.

What do I get?

  1. A thorough and detailed accessibility audit report of around 15-20 pages
  2. A list of quick wins you can action to improve the accessibility of your site
  3. A list of more complex improvements that create a roadmap for future website optimisations
  4. A one hour consultation to discuss the report and any questions that you have

How do I get it?

Contact us through the form just below and we’ll get back to you to discuss your site and provide a tailored quote for auditing.

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