Amy’s Slide Night

I’ve been to India. It’s true what they say… it’s all the things: great-great to world-gone-mad.

I had the privilege of being a fellow of UnSchool; which was a week intensive of design & systems thinking in Mumbai. Then I went to Hampi and Kochi.

Lots of people asked how it was and what I thought. I always find when I repeat myself with the same story, I sort of run out of enthusiasm to tell a great experience well. So instead, I’m holding a Slide Night and tell the sum of my observations and experiences in one go.

The Slide Night is also an effort to donate to a slum where I spent time. The slum is Dharavi, Mumbai. I met some astonishing young women who would greatly benefit from financial support for education.

This is a free event and there is a chance to make a small donation below. Also there will be a bucket on the night to drop coins into should you find some in the slots of your carseats and console.

Please Note: Bring a chair if you have stiff hips and don’t dig sitting on the floor. Your chair must have soft rubbery feet, as it is on a wooden floor, and Kosta, the custodian of Yoga Cycle will kill me if it marks.

4/22 Ware Street, Thebarton, SA, 5031, Australia

Friday 2 February 2018

7.15 pm - 9 pm

Free event

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