#AdagiOMG – Nick Crowther Live

Piano recital fundraiser for Australian Children’s Music Foundation*

A year ago I bought a piano. These last twelve months have been tough times for me. I’ve struggled with depression and been far less than my best self. The piano has been somewhere for me to focus, a way for me to channel my energy into something creative. It’s been incredibly satisfying and rewarding to practice and improve. Since the start of 2017 I’ve had very clear piano goals that I’ve mostly kept to myself. All this time I’ve been working towards having my own little recital and raising money for a very worthy cause.

Music has helped me so much in the last year that I want to give the same opportunity to others. I never learnt to play music as a child. That was because I was impatient and more interested in playing computer games. But since I was old enough to know better I’ve always regretted that and wanted to learn piano.

There are many children in our communities who never have the opportunity to learn music, in fact 75% of Australian public schools don’t even have a music teacher. Learning music helps kids focus, inspires creativity, improves school engagement and attendance as well as having significant influence on numeracy and literacy. The Australian Children’s Music Foundation is dedicated to providing musical opportunities to young people.

So I’m having a piano recital to raise money for the ACMF. I want you to pay to come along, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to me fumbling my way through a selection of works from the baroque, classical and romantic eras – all for this worthy cause – culminating in the piece of music I have obsessed over for a year – the adagio from Mozart’s 12th piano sonata. It’s a challenging piece but at least it’s a slow one.

It’s not going to be perfect. I’m going to make a few mistakes. But there’ll be more than enough wine, nibbles and banter to make it a fun evening. For each ticket sold, Freerange Future will donate the same amount, doubling the total amount raised.

All the money raised will be donated to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation to help give young people the opportunity to learn and grow through music.

*Unfortunately with construction work currently in progress, we regret to inform that this event will not be wheelchair accessible.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

5.45pm – 7pm

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