A world leading studio school for young adults

Youth Inc. are a school in Adelaide unlike any other – small, innovative, entrepreneurial and downstairs from Freerange. Their students are aged 17–24 and their curriculum offers a unique approach to achieving high school qualifications. When they launched in 2018 they had some design work done but after a year, with a clearer understanding of who they were, they recognised it wasn’t quite them. So they asked us to help them turn their logo into a brand that would really represent them.

We spent time with their student media team to learn about how they saw themselves and engaged students throughout the design process. Starting with the existing logo and an eclectic range of collateral, we refined and organised, polished and simplified. Staring at their name on the screen for many hours… Youth Inc… a couple of words revealed themselves… You In? This became the basis of the recruitment strategy and marketing campaign we created for their 2019 student intake. The new class was filled to capacity in record time.