Enabling a renewed focus on today's veterans.

The word ‘veteran’ is often associated with preserving the memory of those who fought in wars long ago. For Veterans SA, the South Australian government’s veterans affairs department, their focus has broadened to cover much more than this. They now provide support for all members of the armed forces – past, present and transitioning, as well as their families and communities.

In 2014 Freerange developed the ANZAC Centenary website for Veterans SA, a platform for the four year commemoration of World War I. As that drew to a close, we were asked to work with Veterans SA again, to create a new brand and website for them to support them in their renewed focus on today’s veterans.

The tagline that we developed, ‘serving those who’ve served’, succinctly captures their broad mission, while the triple stripes and colour variations in the logo represent the three branches of the armed forces and the veterans V is reminiscent of a medal ribbon.

The new Veterans SA website was redesigned and greatly expanded on the ANZAC Centenary site to include more resources, news and community engagement touch points – regularly updated content to engage, support and serve those who’ve served.