Positive Minds Australia is helping more and more of our children thrive.

Madhavi Nawana Parker is a highly regarded author, consultant and coach specialising in children’s wellbeing. She approached Freerange with a determination to grow her business and her impact – so that she can reach many more schools and families, transforming their lives for the better.

We worked with Madhavi to re-imagine her consultancy as Positive Minds Australia. This brand is calm and gentle, incorporating poignant illustration through her downloadable eBooks and photography that exudes the warmth and nurturing of Madhavi’s approach.

Positive Minds Australia has already grown to a team that offers drama, yoga, kung-fu and parents retreats alongside the coaching and mentoring that Madhavi is best known for. Madhavi’s vision is becoming reality.

Illustrations by Charlotte Ager.
Photography by Nat Rogers.

A dream team with the highest integrity and skill. Your effieciency, communication, empathy, humour and excellence is a rare gem. I love everything that you've done.

Madhavi Nawana Parker