MOD booklet

How would you go about branding Peace without using a ☮︎ ? or a ✌️?

MOD. is the Museum of Discovery – an eclectic, experiential STEAM infused dream. For their 2019 exhibition Waging Peace they conducted a large-scale survey to understand what and how people think about Peace. The responses were broad, illuminating and sometimes abstract.

Freerange was asked to represent these findings and tell the story of what Peace means to South Australians with a giant infographic that would wrap around three walls of the main MOD. gallery space. We developed a suite of icons that visualised people’s perceptions of peace, along with a diagrammatic visual story that translated from the wall, to animation, to a souvenir book.

The designs were so well received that they were adopted as the branding for the entire exhibition and applied to merchandise, banners and advertising.

Freerange had a thoughtful, well-considered approach to the creative process and visualising the data. We were so pleased with the result we ended up adopting it for our exhibition branding.

Kristin Alford, Director