Food Village photograph

FoodVillage is a different way of working and living where you own your home and grow your own food business as a co-owner of the farms and food hubs where you work. It’s an exciting new regenerative system, repairing the Earth while developing an economy that sustains the network of FoodBuilders and feeds people across its region.

We are very excited to have been a part of their journey from the beginning, working closely with the team on brand positioning and messaging, then developing the strong visual identity and graphic suite including a large suite of icons and infographics.

The design of the brand represents the circular economy of food, community and equity, with earthy tones that speak to grounded adventurers and connection to land. FoodVillage is the hero brand for a group of companies whose names all start with Food and use the same double-o design to tie them together stylistically.

We’ve also created a richly informative website that for now is replete with a feast of stock photography. As the first food village launches on the Bellarine Peninsula, we’ll be replacing all these with photos of real places and real people, making FoodVillage a reality.

Food Village’s work, and our journey with them, is just beginning. Follow along at //

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