Compassion Revolution brand image

A global movement working to instil empathy and kindness where it's needed most.

The health sector is full of people who devote their lives to curing us and caring for us but their workplace cultures are often toxic – plagued with bullying, overwork and prejudice. This sadly leads not just to lower quality of care but to the tragic suicide rate amongst medical professionals that is twice the national average.

Mary Freer has dedicated much of her life to changing the health sector for the better. When she told us that she was going to start a revolution of compassion, we had no doubt she’d be creating radically positive change.

We’ve been working with Mary since the revolution was just a vision – developing the brand identity, website, sponsorship prospectus, print collateral and digital assets all designed to recruit revolutionaries. We even helped to design the conference experience.

The first Compassion Revolution conference was held in a packed out Melbourne Arts Centre Pavilion in September 2019. It brought together world class healthcare professionals, storytellers, creatives, activists, entrepreneurs and people with lived experience all determined to make their sector one grounded in compassion.

The momentum from that conference has been huge. A network of people across Australia and the world are now collaborating on numerous initiatives and connecting through Zoom and Facebook groups. Mary continues to foment the revolution through her podcast and mailing list.

A second Australian conference is scheduled for 2020 and overseas events are also planned. The revolution may not be televised, but it will be hospitalised.