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Human connection meets digital connection.

While nothing beats face to face interaction, the digital realm is vital to facilitating these relationships today and into the future. Digital strategy is much more just than marketing strategy. It’s a digital approach to everything: business models, customer experience, operations, culture. It’s about transforming to meet new opportunities and adapting to the rapid change of today’s world.

Freerange Future have a deep understanding of how to navigate the challenges and opportunities facing the cause and culture sectors; with changes in funding, shifts to for profit models, increased governance requirements, technological disruption and a growing focus on the customer all contributing to massive change.

Websites that drive action

You want people to connect with you: to get behind your cause or engage with your cultural offering. Creating websites that are highly effective at encouraging people to take action is both an art and a science.

More than a decade of designing sites for cause and culture has given us a rich understanding of how to influence people to take those actions that are key to your success.

Organisational websites

Your organisation’s website is it’s digital heart. More than just a brochure and directory, you should aspire to a site that is an effective platform for supporting and streamlining business processes and facilitating connections between your team and your community.

We have considerable experience creating organisational websites and integrating them with other platforms such as CRM, accounting software, marketing tools and customer support.

Websites for communities

While a lot of the action happens on social media these days, websites are still central to nurturing and growing a community. Whether publishing, collaborating or campaigning, your site has an important role to play.

We know that shared values are key to connecting with people and growing a community of interest. These values must be at the heart of your brand and your website must embody that brand in design, content and interaction.

Accessible websites

It’s crucial that your website is made accessible to as broad an audience as possible. In Australia more than 20% of people have a disability that may affect how they can interact with your site. If they can’t use your site, why would they engage with your organisation?

We don’t compromise on design quality or usability, we create sites so that the user experience is excellent for all. Our sites meet benchmark accessibility guidelines and address other real world accessibility issues beyond those guidelines.

Websites for events

Festivals and conferences are significant enterprises that need all of the above: a strong organisational website that drives action and engages a community.

We work with festivals and conferences of all shapes and sizes. We understand the challenges of scaling up and down, programming, driving ticket sales, maintaining relationships and reinventing yourself year after year.

Websites that delight

People come to your website for their own reasons. Respect them. Make it easy for them to achieve their goals on your site. Make it fun, a delightful experience. They’ll enjoy engaging with you. They’ll stick around longer and they’ll return.

We put people at the centre of all our design work. User experience is not just how something looks, it’s why and how people use it.


Sometimes your website isn’t enough. Perhaps you can’t reach the right people. Maybe the requirements are too complex for your CMS and other services out there don’t quite meet your needs. This is when you should consider investing in a custom app.

We develop apps for phones, tablets and the browser that address complex organisational needs and engage users in original and compelling ways.

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Your purpose is your why, the change you seek. You live your values and those values should live in your brand too. People will be inspired by your purpose but shared values are the foundation of a community.

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It’s easy to reach people but how many are you really connecting with? Effective marketing is key to your ability to campaign, fundraise, attract volunteers, grow memberships, build audiences and sell stuff.

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