Amy Milhinch - Creative Director

Amy is our lead creative brain, with over 20 years’ experience designing for boutique studios, ad agencies, magazine publishing and online companies.

Her career has taken her to Melbourne, Sydney, London and Berlin, and throughout she has developed a creative practice rooted in the application of high-level design thinking to realise visions, goals and dreams. She delights in the embed of an easter egg.

Amy enjoys a cozy relationship with the arts industry, and infrequently steps beyond the bricks and mortar of FF into the ephemeral land of experimental theatre and installation.

Things about Amy

  • Highest value = beauty.
  • Although ensconced in the land of digital, still loves an analogue solution.
  • Has a profound understanding of archetypal symbology, and how it creates striking connections with and between people.

Inspiration from Amy

  • Amy inspiration
  • Amy inspiration
  • Amy inspiration
  • Amy inspiration