Purpose Workshop

Purpose is about the reason why. Why do you go to work, why do you care about certain things, why do people run a business?

We want to give you some of the tools we’ve learned in order to build deeper meaning into your activity.

This three-hour workshop will:

  • Show you what purpose is
  • Why purpose is good rather than purposelessness
  • How purpose contributes to meaning in your life
  • Help you articulate your values and use your values to focus your purpose
  • Start on a direction for you to unfurl your purpose
  • Show you how purpose becomes a powerful decision-making tool in your life

Light refreshments will be provided.


*This event is postponed till further notice.


Amy MilhinchAmy Milhinch
Creative Director, Freerange Future

Twenty years of working in branding and design, along with a deep interest in archetypes and symbology has led Amy to develop a mastery of storytelling for connecting people with causes.



110 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA, Australia

9.30 am - 12 pm


12 slots left