Tech Tonic

Tech Tonic is an ongoing relationship where the Freerange Future team become part of your team, steadily working towards your digital, brand and marketing goals, always just a phone call or email away whenever you need to access our diverse expertise.

Interested in Tech Tonic?

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Brief us

How does Tech Tonic work?

We start by discussing your communications goals over the coming months. From these discussions we determine how those goals can be achieved and create a roadmap that plots all of these requirements.

The roadmap helps us to gauge the right scale for your agreement and to have a clear schedule of work. But that schedule is not set in stone. If your priorities change, so do ours. If you have a brand emergency, we’re your triple oh. If your web strategy changes, we can act straight away. If you have an immediate need to address a campaign now which had been pencilled in months down the track, then lets do it now. The rest can shuffle along the time line.

You sign up for a fixed duration (6 or 12 months) and get regular Tonic Time each month. You get a discount on our standard rates and the bigger the agreement, the bigger the discount.

At the start of each month we discuss the upcoming schedule with you to make sure it’s still what you need. At the end of each month we provide you with a report that details the work we’ve done and the time it all took. At any time, you can call us if your priorities change and we’ll be on it in a flash.

If your Tonic Time is not fully used in a month it is saved for up to six months. This way you don’t have to worry about your time being squandered, it can be banked to use on bigger projects.


No worries managing your website, brand or marketing – we’re always here to support you

Guaranteed prompt service from your dedicated project manager

Regular monthly invoicing – easy for you to manage cash flow

Cut through red tape – no need for you to get every little cost approved by your managers

Save up Tonic Time to use on bigger projects

Discount on our standard rates – the longer the agreement, the less you pay.

What can I use Tech Tonic for?


Tech Tonic can be the foundation of your marketing strategy. We can work together to imagine and develop regular campaigns and respond to specific opportunities as they arise.

Brand Management

Tech Tonic can take the pain out of ensuring the ongoing consistency of your brand. We can liaise with third party suppliers and help monitor internal brand usage.


If you need brochures, packaging, signage or anything else designed, use Tech Tonic to streamline the entire process.


If you need to add new content or features to your website, or to fix any bugs that show up, splash a bit of Tech Tonic on it!

Ongoing improvement – together we can make a to-do list for your site and regularly improve and refine it

Maintenance – if a bug shows up on your site, it can go straight to the top of the list and be remedied swiftly

New features – with enough time, we can add significant new features or sections to your site

Content management – if you’re too busy to update your own site, let us do it for you. Send us your content or we can even write copy for you.

“Tech Tonic is a great time saver. I no longer need to get an approval from my line manager for every bit of design work we need done. It’s like killing a whole stack of birds.” Jason Sweeney, Stereopublic devisor