Gluttonberg: Content Management System

Gluttonberg is our Content Management System. It’s a powerful yet simple tool for managing websites.

Whatever the size and from corporate to experimental, gluttonberg has all the tools you need to maintain and operate your online presence.

Gluttonberg doesn’t just make content management easy, it provides the building blocks we need to quickly and effectively develop custom online applications. All kinds of complex digital capabilities can be facilitated on the Gluttonberg platform.

Gluttonberg is open source software. We didn’t create it to lock you into an expensive, proprietary system. We made it because we saw ways to make web development better. Open sourcing it gives more people the chance to use Gluttonberg and gives you confidence that you’re not going to be stuck in a bad relationship. Also, our work relies on a lot of other open source projects. Gluttonberg is a way for us to give back to the open source community.

Consider Gluttonberg for your next digital project. It’s a piece of cake.


  • Simplicity
  • Blogging system
  • Multiple languages
  • Publishing & Versioning
  • Member management
  • Plugin architecture
  • Multisite support

“Gluttonberg has surprised me with how easy and user-friendly it is. Many of the updates we have requested have been quite unique but able to be built in which is great for us as an organisation, but more importantly, they add value for our members. Being able to absolutely customise a site to individual needs and continuously add to it is fantastic.” Akarra Klingberg, SA Tourism Industry Council