The Wheatsheaf Hotel

The Wheatsheaf Hotel is an Adelaide pub internationally renowned as purveyors of quality beer, wine and whisk(e)y, often in varieties not found anywhere else in the world. Freerange Future created a new brand for the Wheaty based on the blackboard that dominates the front bar listing all the fine refreshments available. We took that and extended it to the full spectrum of collateral, infusing all their communications with the humour and authenticity of its owners.

This unique, hand-drawn aesthetic now forms the basis for an award-winning website and app that has moved the Wheaty love online. Built on our custom CMS Gluttonberg, the website is clever, simple and easy for both punters and staff to use. The Wheaty App has also promoted deep and lasting engagement with its community of brew fanatics, alerting them whenever new kegs are tapped, bottles are popped and gigs are booked.

  • Freerange Future ‘get’ The Wheaty. Throughout our long and effective partnership, Freerange Future has been able to both perfectly encapsulate the Wheaty (Website, Posters etc) and be a powerful driver in our evolution (via the devastatingly effective Wheaty App). Freerange Future rock.

    Jade Flavel – Manager and Owner