In 2012 the Sigston family purchased the McLaren Vale vineyard that their great-great-grandfather Jeremiah Swift had first owned and planted back in 1847, with a vision to go beyond just growing grapes to start their own winery and cellar door.

They asked us to help them with imagining this new business. First, we had to help them articulate who they are – their values, priorities and customers. With a strong connection to the land and so many great characters in their family through the generations, it was clear that the story of this new brand was made up of the many real stories from the past and those stories yet to be told. The name of the company and the wine label became SigstonSwift, representing the family past and present. This identity is being deployed through product labelling, their website and online store and a variety of other platforms.

  • When we approached the Freerange team we were a blank page. 
We knew what and who we wanted to be – we just didn’t know how to get there.
    Freerange identified and brought out far more of ourselves than we knew was possible. From our name SigstonSwift, to the family characters bought to life on our bottles.

    Phil Sigston – Director, SigstonSwift Wines