Adelaide Festival of Ideas

A festival where the most remarkable thinkers from all over, come to Adelaide and explore the depths of our understanding.

Founded in 1999 and the first of it’s kind in the world, The Adelaide Festival of Ideas lost it’s governmental support in 2013. Due to popular demand, it’s back and again a great player within the Adelaide Festival calendar 2016. AFoI, held over four days in October, is series of discussions, panels, debate and argy-bargy where the greatest thinkers in the world convene in order to find our way through. Or not.

Our Solution

An opportunity too good to pass up are the letters, IDE within Adelaide, are a letter short of IDEA (unless Adelaide is repeated with no letterspace, and idea runs into itself).
As the AFoI is determined to stand as an event promised each October long into the future, we have built a brand that will provide a recognisable framework to hold each years theme in a recognisable framework.

  • As principal design and website partner for the newly relaunched Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Freerange Future has produced a stunning suite of conceptually-integrated corporate logos, webpages, and promotional materials that capture the energy, ethos and public face of the Festival.

    Ian Gibbon, Convenor, Adelaide Festival of Ideas Program Development Group