5000+ is a multiyear initiative conceived to explore great ideas for the future of Adelaide. We worked closely with the Integrated Design Strategy team to develop the 5000+ website – a platform for co-creation, innovation and crowdsourcing creativity in response to urban planning challenges. We built the site using our Gluttonberg CMS, allowing us to create the rich functionality within a tight project deadline. The same system powers both the site and the Facebook application, making the process of gathering ideas from inside and outside the site seamless.

The site informs and prompts the ideation process and aims to encourage citizens to be involved in crowd sourcing ideas for the future of Adelaide. More than 200 insightful and inspired ideas have been suggested, yielding nearly 400 comments and thousands of votes.

  • Freerange Future were patient and helpful in developing what is an evolving site for an evolving project, a terrific team full of surprises! The engine, the beast – Gluttonberg – is simple and clean to use.

    Dr. Teri Hoskin – 5000+ Engagement Facilitator