Totem Poll Launched! Presented within Come Out Children's Festival 2015.

Proudly, today, we launched a self initiated project, supported by Come Out Children's festival 2015 — Totem Poll.

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26 Feb 2015

Totem Poll – a fun, magical and meaningful interactive art project

Our exciting new project Totem Poll will have it’s world premiere at the 2015 Come Out Children’s Festival in Adelaide. Especially created for young people between the ages of 8 – 12. We hope that it will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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27 Oct 2014

All channels, front-office, mid-office and back-office should be aligned with strategically developed customer experience journeys. This concept is core to the formation of our Digital Capability Reference Model.

Jace An monogram
Author: Jace An

Introducing the Digital Capability Reference Model

I first came across Internet technology in the mid 1990s as my team - Interactive marketing - started to see the potential of the Internet as an unprecedentedly effective channel for interactive marketing and even sales. These days we are inundated with digital technologies. If we can apply some of those digital trends to all operational areas, I see significant potential for further sell-side improvements.

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15 Sep 2014

Freeranger Favourites – Roald Dahl

Though there were so many takeaways and lessons in Roald Dahl's books there was one main thing that I learned. Roald Dahl taught me the importance of being a good person. From Charlie Bucket being filtered out from the avalanche of terrible children, to Matilda surviving her horrid family and the militant Miss Trunchbull, Roald Dahl's books were full of children that bucked the trend and strove for goodness.

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12 Sep 2014

Freeranger Favourites – Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss (real name Theo Geisel) was the author of popular children’s books The Lorax, Fox in Socks, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and 43 more you’ve probably read. He really was a doctor, holding a PhD in English Literature.

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26 Aug 2014

The ABCs of hashtags

This weekend is the anniversary of a milestone in social media, the first ever hashtag use on Twitter. The hashtag started off on Twitter in 2007, and has since spread over Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and more. Proper hashtag usage can help you get substantially more engagement on your tweets, meaning more new followers, more replies and more exposure.

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22 Aug 2014

What happened in your MY:24?

Sometimes change is gradual, taking months or even years. And sometimes, suddenly, an event can shift your direction within 24 hours. It’s those quick experiences that make the stories of TV series MY:24. We built a MY:24 app that facilitates people to document their own life-changing story. 

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11 Aug 2014

Project: Maybe Mae / Bread & Bone

Peel Street has seen an explosion of new venues, restaurants and bars along its narrow length. The latest crop to open includes sister venues – small bar Maybe Mae and Bread & Bone Wood Grill.

In an ultimate upstairs/downstairs combination, the two venues provide intimate spaces to enjoy a premium quaff and wood grill cuisine, connected by a secret tunnel taking the love through to Leigh Street.

We created identities for Maybe Mae and Bread & Bone, representing their respective specialities while making sure the relationship was maintained between the two venues.

Pop in soon to enjoy somethin' sizzling – we'll see you there.

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06 Aug 2014

Freeranger Favourites – Paula Scher

Designers are often capable of articulating a sophisticated and complicated idea succinctly and in a few quick flicks of the pen. Kieran reflects on the creative process with this quote from Paula Scher...

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24 Jul 2014

Designing for Interactive User Interfaces

Amy and Kieran were recently invited to give a guest lecture on designing for Interactive UI at UniSA.

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30 May 2014